Vegetable bake

With a variety of night outs on the cards at the moment, my cupboard is decidedly bare. There’s simply no point in stocking up on tasty goodies just to have them go off. However with plans suddenly cancelled one night last week, that didn’t leave much choice for tea.

Potatoes, cheese, parsnips, celery and a lone red onion said one thing to me – cheesy vegetable bake.

So I greased a baking tray, sliced the parsnip and added it as a bottom layer, followed by a layer of sliced onion and diced celery. I then found a packet of pancetta at the very back of my fridge, so threw that into the mix with a few whole cloves of garlic. Feel free to leave the pancetta out for a vegetarian option. To complete I topped with sliced potato and covered in a cheesy mustard sauce (simply milk, flour, cheese and mustard).

Baked for 45 mins and served with Brussels sprouts and chestnuts it was utterly delicious (even if I do say so myself).

The simplest of meals are very often the best. This one I will be making again. Soon.

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