Get in my belly

Or my mouth; as apparently chicken  saltimbocca translates into chicken jump in mouth, or so my Italian speaking husband tells me. One thing’s for sure this wee treat of a dish was as tasty to eat as it was easy to cook.  A great mid-week supper.


4 x chicken thighs
8 small sage leaves
4 x slices of parma ham
1 tbsp flour
50g butter
2 x shallots
100 ml white wine
100 ml chicken stock
300g green beans


Heat the oven to 200c/fan 180/gas 6. Blanch the green beans in boiling water for three minutes then rinse in cold water and drain.

Put the chicken between two pieces of clingfilm and gently bash to thin. Lay a couple of sage leaves on the smooth side of each thigh and wrap in a piece of parma ham.

Dust each piece in seasoned flour. Heat 1/3 of the butter in a large non-stick frying pan. Cook for two-three minutes each side until golden and transfer to the oven for 10 mins.

Add a little more butter to the pan and cook the shallots until soft. Add the wine and stock and boil hard until reduced and syrupy. Add the last bit of butter and whisk in. Add the beans and stir to heat through.

Divide the beans between two plates and place the chicken on top.

Serves two
Cals: 551

Taken from Olive Magazine

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