Chicken Schnitzel with parma ham and wine

Okay so it was supposed to be bacon rather than parma ham, but I forgot to defrost the bacon. I’m sure Nigella won’t mind


1 teaspoon garlic oil (I didn’t have any so added some crushed garlic to olive oil)
A few rashers of parma ham 4-6
3-4 chicken escalopes
100ml white wine


Put the oil in a frying pan and add the parma ham. Fry till crispy. Remove and wrap in foil.

Fry the chicken for about two minutes a side, until there is no pinkness when you cut into a piece. Make sure the pan’s hot so that the escalopes catch a little, turning beautifully bronze.

Remove the chicken to a serving plate and quickly add the parma ham you set aside into the pan. Pour in the wine, letting everything bubble up, and, finally, pour over the chicken pieces.

I served with fine beans with toasted almonds and butter.


Tasty but I’d be interested to see how this works with bacon as I think the fatty juices would add extra flavour. I’d also like a big pile of mash with it. I’d  give this 7/10, the carnivore husband rated it 8/10. Serves two but my belly is missing those cabs.

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