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Scallops with mushroom & black pudding mash

I love dark nights and even darker mornings. I love scarves and boots and winter coats. I love rainy weekends, hot baths, mulled wine, and early nights with a hot water bottle. What I don’t bloody love is Summer. It goes without saying therefore, that


Szechuan beef

Ten years ago, I offered to cook for a woman I’d been on a  couple of dates with.  By all accounts she dated a lot,  but being cooked for was, surprisingly, a first. She was impressed, as she expected little more than a plate of spag bol. With

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Fish and macaroni bake

I bloody love macaroni cheese. When I was growing up, it was my most favourite dish. Beating gammon steak, chips, peas and pineapple (from the Little Chef) into second place. Even though my mother ALWAYS overcooked the pasta. Macaroni cheese reminds me of my childhood, which,

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Leek, fennel & walnut soup

I spend months eagerly planning my menu for Christmas day. I love Christmas. It truly is the most magical time of the year. I love it not for religious reasons (being an atheist), nor for the opportunity to spend time with family (with The Thirsty Manc

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Butter chicken

When anyone asks The Greedy Girl what her last supper would be – and with a bunch of equally greedy friends it’s a topic that comes up rather a lot – she never hesitates to say butter chicken. It is the meal she wants to celebrate

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Breakfast naans

I make no secret of my desire to return to Scotland. As much as I’ve grown to love Manchester, and, in particular its people, I’ve never felt quite at home here. As such, at least once a year, The Thirsty Manc and I take a

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Prawns in blankets

Pigs in blankets are one the top three things I love about Christmas.  My list goes as follows: Fairy-lights Pigs in blankets Guilt free eating and drinking. There are lots (and lots) of other things I love about the festive season (roasties, two-weeks off work, and  sprouts


Dead easy blaggis rolls

I am nothing if not a stereotype of myself. A passionate believer in independence for Scotland, I have Taggart as my ringtone, and more tartan scarves than Supergran. I even dye my hair ginger to look more Scottish. So, when Burns Night comes around, I