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Deadly Nightshade

As part of my ongoing cocktail experimentations and investigations, I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with cocktail books. You may see me now and again in the Manchester branch of Waterstones leafing through the boozy books. These books are great for a bit of

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Lost in Translation

When I was experimenting with The Mrs Petticoat, I came across Japanese Plum Wine. It’s a lovely cocktail ingredient, so I’ve been working on how to fit it into another drink. Now if you are a regular reader of this blog (and if so, hello, pull up a

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Satan’s Whiskers

This blog has lead me to all kinds of research, the most enjoyable of which has been finding out about some old school drinks. Many of which really appeal to my palate. Classics are classics for a reason after all. This week, I’m opting for the rather wonderfully


Szechuan beef

Ten years ago, I offered to cook for a woman I’d been on a  couple of dates with.  By all accounts she dated a lot,  but being cooked for was, surprisingly, a first. She was impressed, as she expected little more than a plate of spag bol. With


The Mrs Petticoat

The Greedy Girl and I are good friends with the lovely @MrsPetticoat and her equally ace hubby @Brazly. And, after a random encounter in Solita some time back, we now regularly meet up for food and booze filled days. Given a shared love of cocktails and

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Haggis Manhattan

When @BangersandBacon offered me the opportunity to provide a welcome drink at their Burns Night supper club, I experimented with a number of Scottish inspired cocktails before settling on The Lion Rampant. The Lion Rampant is a great cocktail, but it was chosen to appeal to a wide audience.

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Butter chicken

When anyone asks The Greedy Girl what her last supper would be – and with a bunch of equally greedy friends it’s a topic that comes up rather a lot – she never hesitates to say butter chicken. It is the meal she wants to celebrate

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The Lion Rampant

Following chats about cocktails with our good friends @BangersandBacon, they kindly gave me the opportunity to provide a welcome drink at their latest supper club – a Burns Night extravaganza. I couldn’t really turn down the option to unleash a cocktail on an unsuspecting public,