About The Greedy Girl

11828777_10155945910865078_7652788844807643970_n (1)Born in Scotland in the mid 70’s, Debbie was brought up on a diet of fish fingers, spaghetti hoops, and crispy pancakes. But never the deep fried Mars Bar.

Okay, maybe once, but she didn’t swallow.

After a decade living in Manchester, Debbie now resides in the West End of Glasgow and is committed to swallowing as much as she possibly can. As such, this blog hosts a mixture of recipes tried and tested at home.

P.S If you’re looking for the other kind of ‘greedy girl’ I fear you’ve come to the wrong place. But before you go, check out the recipes. You’ll need the energy.

About The Thirsty Sassenach

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A product of 1974 Mancunia, Mark travelled around Europe and America before returning – hungry and thirsty.

A frequenter of Glasgow’s many restaurants, bars and taverns, Mark can also often be found at home dabbling with homemade cocktails.

There are rumours that these drinks may have caused random bouts of narcolepsy and memory loss, but to date, there have been no recorded fatalities.